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There are more than likely 2 main reasons why you've visited this website ─ either you're a little curious to see what I do and how I do it, or you are in need of help.

Maybe this is your first step in beginning to work things out as life is feeling a little frustrating or you're feeling overwhelmed by the tough times. The truth is, we all go through ups and downs and normally we can bounce back from the downs but if you find that you're not bouncing back and you are stuck in feeling low and down, then this is where I step in.

I will help you feel better from the first appointment and we can get started in figuring things out that are inside your head and find out what needs to be done in your life to move forwards. We do this at your pace ─ if you want to move quickly, then we can normally achieve this in approximately 4-6 sessions (sometimes maybe even less). If you need more time to work things out, this is okay too ─ the end goal is to get you where you'd like.

So I guess you need to know a little about me.

A Little About Me

The first thing is that I don't take everyone on as a client ─ only those that I gel with as I'm a real believer that to get the best out of our sessions, there has to be a connection and trust. That's why I like to have a little chat with you which is completely free just to get an outline of what's going on. If you feel you like me and we can work together, then we'll get a date in for a session.

Let's Get Started

You want therapy to feel better quickly. Here's a few pointers on why Human Givens might be right for you.

  • I take as few sessions as possible in helping you bounce back.
  • The kind of help I offer means you've got skills that you can use when you need them.
  • I'll explain in good old fashion English what is going on and you don't need to be a psychotherapist or counsellor to understand things. I'll then be upfront with you about what the action plan is to help you.
  • I am here to really listen to you and if you don't want to discuss past traumas or memories, you don't have to. I can still help you move forwards and overcome these experiences.
  • You need certain things in your life to make it work and some of those things might not be in place. We'll figure out what's going on and find ways of putting all the things that you need in place to make life enjoyable again.

Why Me?

I've been transforming lives for a long time and am watched closely by not only my Supervisor (who I have to see after every 10 clients), but the HG Institute who makes sure that I keep my skills on point so that I am able to help you safely (btw ─ every HG therapist has to see a Supervisor not just me!)

Fully Qualified

You hear about these online courses that folk do and then regard themselves as specialists After thorough training which involved case studies, a nerve-wrecking exam and hundreds of hours of study by a trusted college, I have earned my place as a HG Psychotherapist. I wear the badge with honour and you only have to look at what my clients say.

Location Location

I'm based in Westbury on Trym which is 10 minutes from the M4 & M5 and 15 minutes from central Bristol. Car Parking is readily available with good bus routes.

Let's Make This Happen

I support you 2 ways ─ either face to face when you come to my welcoming clinic or online through the power of the internet. Whichever way you want to work, I start by having a quick phone call with you first to make sure that I can help you feel better and get you through the tough times.

Work with me Face To Face

Work with me Online

A Little Helping Hand

When you're going through a storm, you want to feel anchored, calm and safe. The below 2 links are there to help you work out when you decide to talk to someone, what to look out for and what the starting point might be. The Therapist Checklist will give you some pointers on how to choose the right therapist for YOU and the How Are You Doing link has a download checklist on how you are doing emotionally at the moment.



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The Emotional Needs Audit

How well are your innate emotional needs being met?

Nature has programmed all of us with physical and emotional needs. These are the 'human givens' that cannot be avoided. How stressed we are depends on how well our needs are being met, and how well we deal with the situation when they are not. Rate, in your judgement, how well the following emotional needs are being met in your life now, on a scale of one to seven (where 1 means not met at all, and 7 means being very well met), by ticking the appropriate boxes.




1. Do you feel secure in all major areas of your life(such as your home, work, environment)?

2. Do you feel you receive enough attention?

3. Do you think you give other people enough attention?

4. Do you feel in control of your life most of the time?

5. Do you feel connected to some part of a widercommunity?

6. Can you obtain privacy when you need to?

7. Do you feel an emotional connection to others?For instance, do you have an intimate relationshipin your life, one where you are totally physically andemotionally accepted for who you are by at least oneperson (this could be a close friend)?

8. Do you feel you have status that is acknowledged?

9. Are you achieving things and feeling competent in atleast one major area of your life?

10. Are you achieving things and feeling competent in atleast one major area of your life?

- If your scores are mostly low, you are more likely to be suffering stress symptoms.

- If any need is scored 3 or less this is likely to be a major stressor for you.

- Even if only one need is marked very low it can be enough of a problem toseriously effect your mental and emotional stability.

Stress, anxiety, anger, depression and addiction are the result of our innate needs not being met,either due to environmental factors, harmful conditioning or a misuse of imagination (worrying). People do not have mental health problems when their innate needs are being met in balanced, healthy ways. By highlighting areas in your life where your essential needs aren’t being met as well as they could be, you can use this questionnaire to help you think constructively about how your life could be improved.

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